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Educational Robots for STEM

20 years in the making, Abilix is now the largest educational robot solutions provider in China and among the best in the world - providing a comprehensive range of products and sophisticated software platform to support the objectives and methodologies of STEM education.

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Learning & Teaching Materials

All Abilix models have come with comprehensive materials in video and digital forms to support learning at different stages and customization for different objectives. The different programming tools seamlessly interface with different robot series to fit different applications.

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Training Services

The company provides train-the-trainers programs for teachers, co-curricular activities and after-school workshop programs for students, robotics training camps for parents and students, and customize programs to suit any other needs.

The company also support hosting of various competition events and bring students to compete overseas (including academic and cultural exchange).

Our Other Legacy Services:

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Operations Workflow Optimization

Simplify complicated workflows into visible and streamlined processes.

Enlist all stakeholders into hollistic reviews; provide professional advice with our extensive workflow management experiences; lead to identify creative solutions and eliminate waste, with or without incorporation of new technologies.

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Mobile Application Development

Adapt state-of-art mobile front end designs with powerful interface tools, connect managers on the move to be always in-sync with the corporate pulse.

Sit down with the users to learn specific needs and develop customized requirements matching corporate business strategic goals.

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Corporate Advisory

Provide professional corporate financial advisory, audit, taxation and pre-IPO services.

Introduce new technologies, specialized knowledge and best practices known for the organization type to serve internal and external stakeholders for optimzed operational efficiency and maximizable profit.

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