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World Educational Robot Competition (WER)

Comprehensive Solutions

Real-life Project Models


Nurturing 21st Century Skills

Policy makers around the world have recognized the need to cultivate students' interest in pursuing STEM degrees in response to the worsening shortage of technology workforce, and the importance of developing the skills they will need facing the 21st century.

STEM education or pedagogy nurture students' creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills through real life problem-solving projects that could stimulate logical, critical and innovative thinking.

At the same time, the STEM ativities can strengthen the students' confidence and interest in STEM development.


Revolutional Solutions

Educational robot is among the best tools for STEM pedagogy.

Abilix has a comprehensive range of educational robot solutions to suit different school levels and standards.   Abilix has in the past 20 years tailored STEM projects for over 10,000 schools in more than 30 countries - developed more than 30 sets of curriculum and near a hundred standard projects for classroom delivery.

Abilix in its curriculum and product designs has embraced the idea that Abilix robotics in STEM is not simply for building robots, or win a contest, or understand science, or using technologies, BUT to learn how to think and solve problems.


Annual World Competition

Started formerly as "Abilix Cup" in 2000, the World Educational Robot (WER) Contest had held its first world competition in 2013 and has since participated by students from more than 40 countries.   The contest is open to students from 4 to 18 years old.   The details can be found in

Aside from national and regional contests, there have been international opens since 2013 in which foreign teams are welcome to participate. Among them are US Open, Canadian Open, Mexico Open, etc.   The winners of the regional opens will to participate in the annual world championship.

This year, Blinkgo Limited will support the Robotics Development Enthusiasts Association (RODEA) to hold the first WER Hong Kong Contest to be held in PolyU HKCC in November, 2018.


Innovative Products

With the concept of "learning while having fun" in mind, the kit components are revolutionally designed to help unleash both facilitators' and students' imagination and creativity.

The solutions for STEM education come in different kits to suit different learning objectives and learning levels from primary to secondary schools, i.e., from understanding and manipulation of common structure of simple machines to complicated projects with the use of different sensors, actuators and program coding.


Teaching Materials

Each educational kit has come with around 20 to 30 standard models for teachers and students to get familiar with the components and build foundation for innovative exploration.

There are also building manual, user manual, project videos, sample programs (software), and the Abilix proprietary coding software come together with each different educational kits.

For educational packages, curriculum materials are included.


Extended Supports

With standard and custom-designed on-campus and off-campus programs and workshops for students and teachers in response to the different goals, we also support schools and instituions to hold and participate in Abilix's national and world events to broaden students' exposure to global developments.

We endeavor to develop STEM materials that match global objectives with local applications, and work closely with schools and professionals in their respective expertise to ensure effective implementation and optimal outputs.

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